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Thetareading is a very versatile method. In my work with clients I use it very often to obtain clarity for central themes and issues in one persons life, to activate energies and self healing powerst and establish balance and harmony. 

Thetareading is a simple and direct channel to connect with spirit world, your soul respectively your higher self and the subtle energies. Thereby I receive information and images, which I will translate and pass to you in a way that is easily understandable. Where necessary healing energies can be activated.

Core areas of my work are:

  • Find meaning in life

  • Understand life at turning points and in taking decisions

  • Solve fears and inner blockades

  • Will power and inner strength​

  • Childhood and relationship with parents

  • Couple relationships

  • Sorrow and healing of the heart

  • Optimism and vitality


At the beginning of a Thetareading session you will tell me about your topics and goals that you want to look at. With this base line I will enter theta conciousness and tell you what information is presenting in connection with your questions. Anytime you can ask for clarification if certain points are not understandable at first sight. As well me myself will double check regularly whether my explanations make sense for you.

About Thetareading

Thetareading is a method that was developed by Franziska Huber ( During a reading I enter theta conciousness. This means my brain waves oscillate in theta frequency which is 4-7 cycles per second. This is comparable to meditation or deep relaxation. Thereby information is accessible that is highly intuitive. Hence access to spirit world and soul level ​does not take place by rational aspects of thinking but by changing conciousness.

One reading is about 50-60min and costs 110.- Euro (CHF 120.-)​.


A reading can be done by phone via Whatsapp or Skype.

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I am not a medical doctor or non-medical practitioner. I do not make diagnosis. My work solely supports self-help  and strengthening of self healing powers.

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